Passing Fancies Exhibtion - Leica Store Miami, March 7th 2019

Leica Store Miami exhibit of Passing Fancies from March 7th, 2019 to May 7th, 2019.

Excerpt from the Leica store website below. For the full story, please visit the Leica Store Miami website

Louis Jay - Passing Fancies

PASSING FANCIES documents the journey of veteran photographer Louis Jay as he crisscrosses the continents to observe and record life in a few of his favorite places. Wandering the streets of Paris, the Amalfi Coast, Rio, and Miami, he captures fleeting moments in cafes and overlooked corners; on park benches and beaches; in cemeteries and churches — always finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Louis’s multi-year road trip unfolds in 27 starkly beautiful black-and-white images that incite wonder and reveal his enduring and intimate relationships with these locals.

Gerhard Clausing in his The PhotoBookJournal review of Louis’s book of PASSING FANCIES said: “It is a marvelous study of everyday moments and thus a tribute to the universality of human experience!”